Samsung Canister with Cyclone Force and Anti-Tangle Turbine, 1800W (VC18M2120SB)
Samsung Canister with Cyclone Force and Anti-Tangle Turbine, 1800W (VC18M2120SB) Bagless Vacuum  Vacuum Cleaner Vacuum & Floor Care Penang, Malaysia Supplier, Suppliers, Supply, Supplies | AGKNY Event & Deco PLT
  • Prevent clogging on the cyclone(maintain suction power), Easy Maintenance
  • Prevent clogging on the brush , Easy Maintenance
  • Bagless with large capacity dustbin can hold 2 liters of dust and dirt

More Consistent*

Anti-Tangle Turbine

The Anti-Tangle Turbine provides more consistent suction* that won’t get clogged-up by hairs, so it maintains the optimum suction for a long time. *Based on internal testing. Tested at the turbine fan using a mix of hair and pet hair on floor. Compared with conventional Samsung VC21F50VNAR/EV.

More Consistent*

Easily Detachable

Step. 1

Simply pull the dustbin from the body


Step. 2

Open the lid


Step. 3

Tip the contents into the trash can and then effortlessly slide it back – all without having to touch the lid or put your hands inside


Easy to Move and Use

Compact Design

A compact design helps you quickly clean throughoutthe house with less effort. The Samsung VC2100 is 22% more compact in size*, so it’s easy to drag and move around your home.

*Compared to Samsung VCC6562V3G/XEV

Easy to Move and Use

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